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Seliverstova L. S. Creating the optimal portfolio of financial investments corporation

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УДК 330.322:658.14

Л. С. Селіверстова, д. е. н., доцент


Анотація. У статті обґрунтовано системний підхід до формування оптимального портфелю фінансових інвестицій корпорації, що дозволить приймати обґрунтовані інвестиційні рішення, надасть можливість оцінювати ефективність інструментів фінансового інвестування корпорацій.

Ключові слова: фінансова політика; фінансові інструменти; фінансові інвестиції; інвестиційний портфель; прибутковість.

Л. С. Селиверстова, д. э. н., доцент


Аннотация. В статье обоснован системный подход к формированию оптимального портфеля финансовых инвестиций корпорации, что позволит принимать обоснованные инвестиционные решения и оценивать эффективность инструментов финансового инвестирования корпораций.

Ключевые слова: финансовая политика; финансовые инструменты; финансовые инвестиции; инвестиционный портфель; доходность.

L. S. Seliverstova, Doctor of Economic Sciences,
Associate Professor


Abstract. Urgency of the research.  In financial markets, the investor is always an alternative economic choice that determines profitable, efficient use of investment resources.
The problem of creating the optimal portfolio of financial investments faced each investor. The theory of the formation of the optimal portfolio of financial investments enables corporations to determine how investors should manage their funds that value different types of securities and issuers appropriate to include them in your portfolio.
Target setting. One of the ways of increasing the efficiency of the corporate sector and its economic potential, a high level of competition is to develop effective programs that have implemented the strategic goals and objectives provide the greatest result from investments. To justify the decision on the selection of priority sites important funding mechanism of formation of optimal financial investment programs that can make informed investment decisions, provides tools to evaluate the effectiveness of financial investment corporations.
Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. The issue of economic growth Finance corporations covered in the works of local scientists: B.M.Andrushkiva, I.O. Blanca, V.A. Yevtushevskoho, I.A. Ignatievoy, M. Romanovsky, I.L. Sazontsya, V. M.Sutorminoyi and others.
Uninvestigatigated parts of general matters defining. Paying tribute to the scientists and experts who are engaged in research on the growth of finance corporations, many aspects remain controversial.
The effectiveness of financial policy in the management of corporations is essential in ensuring the stability of the financial system, a sustainable economic growth.
The research objective. The study is a systematic approach to study the formation of the optimal portfolio of financial investments of the corporation.
The statement of basic materials and Conclusions. One of the ways of increasing the efficiency of corporations increase their economic potential, a high competitive status is forming optimal investment programs that would have implemented the goals and objectives of the investment strategy and provide the greatest return on investment.
To justify the decision on the selection of priority objects of investments forming algorithm optimal program of investments consisting of successive stages and not only to make informed investment decisions, but also allows you to indirectly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the financial instruments investment corporation. Development of practical mechanisms to reduce risks of investments in corporations, evaluation specific contribution of these activities to the value of recommendations on the integration of these processes into the overall strategy is necessary and timely and will bring real and understandable corporations benefit, expressed in concrete terms the increased cost of business.

Keywords: fiscal policy; financial instruments; financial investments; the investment portfolio profitability.

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