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health insurance, social policy, innovation policy, compulsory health insurance, voluntary medical insurance, insurance services, insurance market


Urgency of the research. In modern terms the relevance to the issues of innovative development of health insurance, as the medical sector Ukraine remains the least reformed and herefore insufficiently adapted to the modern requirements of a market economy. Target setting. Actual value in addressing the impact of social policy on innovation development of medical insurance is developing appropriate tools development and implementation of compulsory health insurance in order to create optimal health financing mechanism. Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. Study of the problems of innovation activity in the insurance companies have dedicated their works domestic and foreign scientists, including T. Artyukh, K. Vobloh V. Bazylevych, K. Bazylevych, A. Hamankova S. Goryanskaya, B . Ermilov, О. Zaletov, S. Osadets T. Rotova V. Ruden. Uninvestigated parts of general matters defining. Аnalysis of recent publications indicates the need for research policy states towards revitalization innovative sources of organizational and economic development of the health insurance. The research objective. The article aims to structure innovative areas of health insurance based on the implementation of social and innovation policy. The statement of basic materials. In the article the theoretical approaches and practical features of the impact of social policy on the development of health insurance in Ukraine. The analysis of indicators of basic types of voluntary health insurance, revealed major problems of innovative development of health insurance in Ukraine. These functional features and characteristics of alternative models of functioning health systems. Conclusions. Global challenges faced by most health systems is to ensure their innovation and effectiveness of social policy in continuous growth of health care costs and unequal access of different groups to care.

Біографії авторів

Alexander Naumov, Kherson National Technical University

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor at the Department of Мanagement

Tetyana Panyuk, Rivne State Humanitarian University

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department Economic Theory

Liliia Danylchenko, Odessa National Medical University

Candidate in Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department Social Medicine, Medical Law and Management


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Naumov, A., Panyuk, T., & Danylchenko, L. (2017). THE IMPACT OF SOCIAL POLICY ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF INNOVATIVE MEDICAL INSURANCE IN UKRAINE. Науковий вісник Полісся, 1(1(9), 55–62. вилучено із