Kira Basenko, Tetyana Batrakova, Svitlana Kushnir


Urgency of the research. In modern terms the issues of developing social investment, are becoming the matter of current interest, because the social sphere of Ukraine remains the least reformed and therefore insufficiently adapted to the modern requirements of a market economy. Target setting. The vital significance in solving the questions of the impact of regulatory policy on the development of social investment belongs to the development of adequate management tools and regulation of social investment both on the part of the state and business in general, in order to create an optimal control algorithm of guiding socially-oriented investments, ensuring their cost-effectiveness in the long run . Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. Such domestic and foreign scientists, as O. Amosova, L. Anichyna V. Babaeva, V. Bakumenko S. Bila, V. Geyets A. Dyehtyar, N. Korableva V. Knyazeva, I. Lukinova V. Martynenko A. Mordvinova, G. Odintsova, I. Pavlova, V. Ryzhykh, I. Rozputenka, S. Salyha, A. Chaplygina and others devoted their work to learning the peculiarities of regulating social investment pointing out. Uninvestigated parts of general matters. Despite significant scientific achievements in the field of development of social investment, the analysis of recent publications indicates the need for the research of the states policy towards the revitalization of socially oriented investment through joint efforts of the government and business throngh application of management tools for the development of social sector. The research objective. The article aims at structuring the areas of development of social investment in Ukraine on the basis of realization of social and economic policy of the state. The statement of basic materials. In the article the theoretical approaches and practical features of the impact of government regulation on the development of social investment in Ukraine are investigated. The analysis of the current state of social investment in Ukraine has been done the major problems of development of social investments in Ukraine. The role of government regulation in the were discovered development of social investment has been determined. The functional features and characteristics of the functioning of the regulation of social investment have been given. Conclusions. The landmark in social direction of the state`s to development chosen by Ukraine puts priority on the plan to ensure a high quality of life of the country`s population. The implementation of the declared plan is only possible on conditions of the social cohesion of society, state and business entities in the solution of common goals.

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social system; social investment policy; the state`s policy; quality of life; socially oriented economy

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Employment and social affairs. Promoting jobs, inclusion and social policy as an investment. Retrieved from:

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