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self-sufficiency, transport security, transport safety, transport communication system


Urgency of the research. Multidirectional geopolitical influence on Ukraine in the context of inefficiency of its security guarantees, unleashed military aggression against it, critical external dependence of national economy require the invention of ways to identify our country as an equal independent partner on the world stage, thus describing the strategy for further development. Target setting. Our country is not a member of international systems of collective defense, and it must rely on its own forces to ensure its national security and defense. In this sense, transport security is an important factor for ensuring national self-sufficiency in general and transport and communication systems self-sufficiency in particular. The scientific imperative of this problem is intensified by the necessity of adaptive mechanisms invention to counteract dangers and threats to safe development by strengthening national socio-economic self-sufficiency. Actual scientific researches and issues analysis. The author`s scientific works, which was used in base of various aspects of researches of transport security and state management of transport systems: I. Averichev, S. Aristov, L. Artiushyn, V. Kovalov, A. Halchynskyi, B. Hurne, J. Ziter, O. Ihnatenko, V. Lisnychyi, O. Lozhachevska, H. Mishchenko, V. Opryshko, M. Onyshchuk, I. Pakhomov, J. Pashchenko, V. Razvadovskyi, V. Ryzhykh, A. Savchenko, V. Salieiev, A. Semenchenko, A. Sobakar, D. Tymokha, A. Tkachenko, V. Yurchyshyn. The research objective. The main purpose of this research is to substantiate and deepen the theoreticalmethodological and practical basis for ensuring transport safety and transport security in the mechanism of selfsustaining development of TCS of Ukraine. The statement of basic materials. In the present article, attention is focused on the existing potential to ensure national self-sufficiency, the main challenges to its achievement and future prospects. According to the authors, transportation and communication system of the country can become the dominant model for self-sufficient development, due to its geostrategic location which allows it to be an advantageous bridge for goods, and passengers transit transportation between the states of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. To date, the transport and communication system is hardly the only sector of national economy, which is capable to become the catalyst for socio-economic growth without significant investment, a tool to achieve self-sufficient and safe level of Ukraine's development. Conclusions. All the foregoing in this study proves that self-sufficiency is a national security function. The authors have justified and proven structural difference between "transportation security" and "transport safety" concepts as well as defined transport security system specific structure.

Біографії авторів

Igor Britchenko, State Higher prof. Stanislaus Tarnowski Educational Institution

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor

Tetiana Cherniavska, Department of Social Work, Social Pedagogy and Sociology in Kherson State University

Candidate оf Economic Sciences, Docent, Associate Professor


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Britchenko, I., & Cherniavska, T. (2017). TRANSPORT SECURITY AS A FACTOR OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION SYSTEM OF UKRAINE SELF-SUSTAINING DEVELOPMENT. Науковий вісник Полісся, 1(1(9), 16–24. вилучено із